Sunday, January 28, 2007

Roger That

I stayed up to watch the men's final live from Melbourne and was on the edge of my bed throughout the first set. Neither player was playing as well as they had been, but there were still a lot of exciting points. Fernando Gonzalez eventually found himself with two set points while serving for the set. On the second one he missed a makeable forehand winner down the line, and when Roger Federer came back to eventually win the set in a tiebreaker -- and 5 a.m. rolled around -- I ended up turning off the TV and going to sleep. Sure enough, Federer ended up winning a straight sets -- taking home his 10th major, but at least it was more of a match than the semifinals. Needless to say, Roger is simply the best.


Bill said...

Roger's the best? Don't tell that to Djokovic or Haas -- especially a just-defeated Djokovic or Haas. That's when they really think they rule.

Montgomery Maxton said...


lynn said...

How weird. I actually got UP at 5am to make sure my gf got out the door to catch her flight to Shanghai.

With the two of us working shifts, it's good to have seen Roger win. We'll see a LOT more of Gonzo this year I'm sure though. (c;