Thursday, January 25, 2007

Page 1 Consider (01/25)

  • Lezzies Beware: Celestia Anne Heche and her husband, cameraman Coley Laffoon, are separating after five years of marriage, her spokeswoman said Wednesday. The couple have a 4-year-old son, Homer. No reason was given for the split, although witnesses recently saw the couple arguing at a Chili's in Woodland Hills when Heche was screaming at her hubby, "You made a Laffoon out of me!" (If you're reading this, Coley cutie, give me a call. I hear you also play for both teams.) (AP)
  • Bah, Bah, Backdoor Sheep: When you make it your life's work to explain why about 8 percent of rams seek sex exclusively with other rams instead of ewes, you're kind of asking for trouble. That's exactly what Dr. Charles Roselli, a researcher at the Oregon Health and Science University, got. (If only they could have been straight-acting sheep.) (NYT)
  • Serena's Balls: My brother Bill e-mailed me this: "Serena Williams, athlete extraordinaire, can do everything else on a tennis court, but getting the ball from a ballkid is a complete mystery to her -- if the thing isn't tossed to her exactly right, she gets startled and has to jump out of the way, or it konks her on the head, or she misses it and it hits her foot and they have to try again." Bill's definitely right about this, and merrily Serena goes along stunning everyone by advancing to the Australian Open final beating Nicole Vaidisova in straight sets. Unbelievable. (TennisX)
  • Blinded by Love: I am just dying to see Dan Klores' new documentary, "Crazy Love," which is in competition at the Sundance Film Festival. The film examines a contorted love affair between Burt Pugach, a 32-year-old lawyer when the liaison began in the late 1950s, and the woman he pursued, a much younger Linda Riss. After initially falling in love things soured and Riss moved on eventually becoming engaged to someone else. Pugach began stalking her; he then hired three men who threw lye in her face, leaving her blind. During 14 years in prison for the crime, he remained obsessed with Riss, sending her letters and eventually persuading her to meet him after he was released in 1974. The two were married that year, and are still married today. And I thought flying to the Virgin Islands to stalk Derek was crazy ... (NYT)
  • Cold Case Files: A white former sheriff's deputy who was once thought to be dead was arrested on federal charges Wednesday in one of the last major unsolved crimes of the civil rights era -- the 1964 killings of two black men who were beaten and dumped alive into the Mississippi River. The break in the 43-year-old case was largely the result of the dogged efforts of the older brother of one of the victims, who vowed to bring the killers to justice. Nice police work ... are you ready A&E's "Cold Case Files"? (AP)
  • Rehab Abuse: Following in the recent footsteps of Mel Gibson and Mark Foley, Isaiah Washington, the embattled star of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," has begun (the requisite) counseling related to his recent homophobic remarks. He hired new PR flacks and is doing what he needs to do to put this self-inflicted wound behind him, but aren't people who really need rehab starting to get offended by this type of quick fix to foot-in-mouth disease? (MSNBC)
  • Page Nix: Nine months after Jared Paul Stern, a contributor to New York's premier gossip column Page Six in the Post, himself became tabloid fodder, federal prosecutors have dropped the extortion case against him. The burden of proof for these types of crimes must be impossibly high, because this story became Page 1 news around the world because the whole shakedown of supermarket magnate Ron Burkle was said to be have been taped by an undercover FBI agent. What more do you need? (Reuters)
  • Shipwrecked: I read on my friend Johnny's blog that LOGO is canceling "Noah's Arc" after just two seasons. I have to admit that I shied away from this show when it first debuted (I thought it was a heavy drama set in the '80s about a guy's AIDS-related complications), but when I finally stumbled upon it I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. What on earth does a network like LOGO have that could possibly be better than this, anyway? (Johnny)
  • Couldn't Kerry Less: All I can say is thank God. (AP)
  • Like a Virgin: Ever wonder how Madonna fared the very first time she performed live? Now you don't have to. (Hint: "Everybody" is a great song and this broad's already a pro.) Watch it here ---> (WOW)

    Mark LeGault said...

    "You made a Laffoon out of me!"


    Erik said...

    Re: Anne Heche, the rumor I heard (on another one of the blogs I read, but I cannot remember for the life of me where I read it) (and besides, it was just a rumor anyway) was that she was shacking up with her Men In Trees love interest.

    Anonymous said...

    Lol, I've noticed the same thing about Serena! Good luck to her.

    And yeah, a number of people have been counting the days till Isaiah Washington announced rehab. That cop out's getting really old. Whatever . . .

    Anonymous said...

    Over at After Elton there was a post yesterday saying that Logo was going to make a Noah's Arc movie (for the theater, not the channel) and that the series was the highest rated show on Logo. I also understand from a friend that the show pays the actors next to nothing, so it's not like it's an expensive show to make. It's hard to believe that Logo would cancel it, but stranger things have happened.

    bantling14 said...

    I just read that there is a possibility of a movie version of Noah's Ark. That would make the fans a little less upset about the cancellation.

    Anonymous said...

    By the way, Kenneth, you are crazy for for flying to the Virgin Islands to stalk Derrick. If I remember correctly you maxed your credit card to go....