Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Page 1 Consider (01/23)

  • Fish Out of Water: In Melbourne, Andy Roddick made quick work of his Mardy Fish, crushing his friend 6-2, 6-2, 6-2 in a victory that took less than an hour and a half. A matchup with Roger Federer in the semis is all but certain now. (ABC)
  • Dear Amy: Read the best advice column response ever here. (Ann Landers' balls were never this big.)
  • Stick Up for Devlin: Lawyers for Mo. kidnapping suspect Michael J. Devlin are asking for a gag order to bar the New York Post and anyone else from reporting information from two jailhouse interviews their client granted to a freelance reporter over the weekend, claiming their client was duped into talking. This story just grows more bizarre every day. (STLToday)
  • Making Amends: Embattled "Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington makes good with GLAAD president Neil Giuliano. "Isaiah understands that he is going to be judged by more than just his apology," said Giuliano. "We welcome the opportunity to work with him in the coming months to help improve the cultural climate faced by LGBT people across this country." Sounds like things are on the road to recovery at the ABC hit, although the NY Times is reporting that disciplinary action is imminent. (E!)
  • McIrony: Wouldn't you know it, "Grey's Anatomy" leads this year's GLAAD awards. (see above) (AP)
  • Missing Persons: MySpace announced that it will begin to distribute Amber alerts. Oh, great. Watch all of those wannabe rocks stars pretend to "go missing" now ... although I guess it makes sense since most missing children are meeting their abductors on the popular social networking site in the first place. (AP)
  • Something in Common: When missing youth Shawn Hornbeck was reunited with his family recently, I mentioned that given what I know about a similar case in the 1980s, the hard part was still ahead for him and his family. Now Newsweek has interviewed the sister of Steven Stayner, who was held captive by a convicted pedophile from 1972 to 1980. She spells out exactly what her family went through after the joy of the family reunion wore off. For those who don't remember, Stayner's own father shunned him after finding out his son had been sexually abused by a man, and Steven's life grew increasingly erratic eventually ending in motorcycle accident. On top of all this, Stayner's brother, Cary, wound up becoming a serial killer. (Good times.) (Newsweek)
  • The Six Million Dollar Cat: Given Jamie Sommers bonus ear, I would have thought these bionic cats would have had kickass hearing, not vision. (AP)
  • The Big Cahoona: If anyone besides Leah was really into yesterday's Morning Woody, Todd Cahoon, I've added a couple of new pictures to his jump page here.
  • Vegas Heat: If you like looking at Josh Duhamel in a bathing suit as much as I do, click here.
  • Hairy Matchup: Who do you like in the Super Bowl, the Colts or the Bears? (Cup of Joe via Queerty)

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    Kenneth: Thanks so much for the link! It's good to see you beefing up your football coverage.

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    HAIRY MEN, at last!!