Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Love Me, Love Me

Besides the big concert tonight, my friend Nina has been spoiling me in myriad of other ways. First off, she showed up on Sunday bearing lots of gifts, including the fabulous new Edie Sedgwick book, "Edie: Girl on Fire" (it's filled so many great, never-seen-before photographs) and a box of Fannie May chocolates from Chicago. Then today she returned from a walk around town with candy and cookies from Jacques Torres and pork with chives and spicy beef bings from The Bing Lady. (When I just went to look that one up Google wanted to know if I meant "the big lady" ... thankfully my gym routine is back in order.)

Later in the afternoon we had a light lunch at my favorite little British cafe Tea & Sympathy in the West Village. "Six Feet Under" star Lauren Ambrose was also eating there with her 12-day-old son, Orson, and husband (a poor man's version of Vincent Gallo) in tow.

We finished off the day with a late showing of "Notes On a Scandal." Although it was every bit as over-the-top as the trailer had indicated, we both enjoyed it quite a bit. The performances were stellar -- and the dialogue was hilariously sharp and tight. Above else, what an unusual film ...

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Mr. Chris said...

Tea & Sympathy is a cute place, love the old car! Jane street is my fav block in the village, its such a nice stroll down to Hudson Park. =)