Tuesday, December 26, 2006

'Be My Baby' (No Pants Required)

In 1989, Levi's had one of the sexiest commercials ever made.


Anonymous said...

LOL love it!! Merry Christmas! and thank you for the wondeful pics and articles and other cool stuff this past year, I look forward to 2007! ;-) peace

Anonymous said...


I've REstarted wearing 501's...I usually have a fashion rule ..once I've been through that era I usually don't do it again....BUT I bought a pair of 501's last month and in the 80's you had to wash them 2000 times...now it's all done for you for LESS than 40 bucks and they fit amazingly!(no I do not work for Levi!).....tired of spending ovr 100 bucks for shitty jeans.these are the best!

I also have to thank you for the pics and the stories this year...that keep me current with "the happenings"

Happy New Year..

Anonymous said...

"Separates the men from the boys" WITH A CROWBAR! LOL! Thanks for sharing that great clip!