Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Page 1 Consider (11/28)

  • Silly 'Radical': The president-elect of the Christian Coalition of America has stepped down after the group resisted his efforts to broaden its agenda to include reducing poverty and fighting global warming. (!) (NYT)

  • Valley Girl: I'm so excited that "All My Children" is finally bringing another tranny to Pine Valley (Erica Kane is so 20th century). This time she's "an American who nonetheless speaks in an exaggerated British accent." Sounds fun to me but then the producers went and named her Zarf ... Shouldn't they just call a spade a spade and call her Madge? (ET)

  • DOMA, Defenseless: When I see people like Pamela Anderson continually make a mockery out of marriage, it makes stories like this even more infuriating: Outraged by the N.J. Supreme Court’s decision declaring that same-sex couples are entitled to the same legal rights and financial benefits as heterosexual ones, a Republican legislator on Monday introduced a bill to amend the constitution by defining marriage as being only between a man and a woman. The lawmaker, Sen. Gerald Cardinale of Bergen County, said the proposed amendment was modeled after successful efforts in other states in recent years -- including several on this last Election Day -- to essentially ban same-sex marriage. Luckily he wasn't to have the last word on the subject -- at least in this story: Steven Goldstein, chairman of Garden State Equality, the state’s leading gay rights organization, said he was confident Cardinale’s bill would go nowhere. "He’s out of touch, and he’s out of his mind," Goldstein said. "This is laughable upon arrival." (NYT)

  • Pornstache Shaved: In a move straight out of the "All About Eve" playbook, my ex-husband and Broncos QB Jake Plummer has been benched for the upstart rookie Jay Cutler. (AP)

  • Les Enfants: There's nothing more annoying than a chainsmoking fetus. (Reuters)

  • Spinal Melt: I knew my bad posture would pay off one day. (BBC)

  • Type O-No: One of the myriad -- but perhaps best -- perks about being gay is not having to give blood. Now these kids wanna go and do this? (PinkNews)

  • Still the One: After a 30-year warm-up, former Orleans singer John Hall is ready for his gig on the national stage in the halls of Congress. If you haven't been following this story, then you're really missing out. (WP)
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