Friday, November 17, 2006

'The Event' on DVD

Did anyone see this film from a few years ago called "The Event"? (I'm just reading about it today.) It stars Parker Posey and Olympia Dukaksis (among others) and is described as a relationship drama that takes the form of a mystery centering around a series of unexplained deaths that occur among the gay community in Chelsea. Nick (Posey), a district attorney investigating the most recent case (a suspicious apparent suicide), and her interviews with friends and family of the deceased trigger extensive and intricately interwoven flashbacks that reveal surprising facts about the man's life and death from complications of AIDS.

The trailer looks great (view it here). My sources tell me the film won several awards back in 2003 but was sorely missed by many in the gay community. You can buy the DVD here and it's available on NetFlix now too.


Kyle Childress said...

I saw it at Frameline (San Francisco's Gay Film Festival) several years ago, and it was quite good. Dukakis was great in it. I would easily recommend it, mostly because of the performances. I recall there was another movie at the fesitval that year from Australia that had the same theme (i.e., AIDS patient dies in an (assisted?) suicide). The Australian film was not very good, but this was well done. I think the title was not a very good one for the movie, and the mirror ball on the cover of the box really is misleading. There are no discos involved: the "event" was a party the deceased threw just prior to his dying.

bantling14 said...

I haven't seen it yet. I have had it on my Netflix queue for a long time, but keep putting other movies in front of it. I only knew about it what Netflix posted. It seems a lot like "It's My Party". This will now go to the top of my queue, after seeing the trailer.

Anonymous said...

I saw this film ages ago, and it was great, very moving, very compassionate.

Olympia is amazing, and Parker Posey does a fantastic job, balancing the requirements of a job and the meaning of dignity.

Must see.


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