Friday, November 17, 2006

All the Right Moves?

Just in time for his perfect wedding to his perfect bride, yet another man has come forward to dispell the Tom Cruise is straight rumor -- only this time the accuser claims to have four sexually explicit Polaroids of Tom back in his early starlet days. The allegations revolve around a wealthy Russian/Jewish multimillionaire named Jacobo Yasha-Nicolayevsky, who was married with children but had an insatiable lust for young pretty boys. Being friends with Bruce Weber and Calvin Klein in the early '80s couldn't have hurt, and supposedly the old fart paid the rent etc. for Maverick and the others exchange for certain types of favors. (Viggo Mortensen is also implicated in the Keptgate scandal, but I guess it would have been more surprising if he weren't).

I've always tended to believe that these types of rumors were probably not true, but this is starting to have "The Little Dog Laughed" written all over it. (PRinside)

And speaking of rent boys, did you read about the Falcon porn star Marcus Allen (real name: Timothy J. Boham, 25, above) who was just arrested on suspicion of murder? Although he was a fairly well-known porn star (he starred in over a dozen movies over the past few years, and was named "Freshman of the Year" by Freshman Magazine in 2003), away from the gay porn spotlight he was known as an angry, gun-collecting, homophobic straight man (and father of two young girls). His victim was an older gay man (who had offered the troubled young man a "fresh start" with a job in his debt collection business) so you don't exactly have to get Jenny Jones on the horn to figure out this one. (DenverPost) (See Marcus Allen's risque side here and here.)

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    Anonymous said...

    If Tom Cruise (and Ricky Martin) aren't gay, then neither am I (and I can confirm that I am, indeed, gay).

    After Tom has made what he thinks is enough money, he'll come out. He's not rich enough yet!

    Anonymous said...

    If some holy idiot told you that you weren't really gay, you just chose to be that way you would have a coronary.

    So why doubt how other people identify? What you are saying is not any different.

    Kenneth M. Walsh said...

    Not if someone is LYING!

    Leonard said...

    That's a shame Timothy Bonham couldn't except himself, then again who knows, maybe he was gay for pay. Still...allegedly murdering somone?