Friday, October 27, 2006

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  • It's a Boy! Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart and USC (non-lesbian) basketball player Brynn Cameron welcomed a son on Tuesday. Cole Cameron Leinart was born at 9:33 p.m. in California, and weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz. Leinart's tech-savvy coach, Dennis Green, said his up-and-coming QB was excited about becoming a father."He'll whip out and show you the pictures with his modern technology on his phone, fax, whatever you call that thing," he said. I'd say it was Matt's tendency to whip things out that got him into this situation with his ex-girlfriend, but word has it that all parties are tickled pink. (No word on whether the kid's a lefty like his old man.) (AZ Republic)

  • You're Ugly -- Vote for Me! Following the wildly inappropriate and unprofessional comments what's-his-name made about his opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in the New York Senate race, The Times takes a closer look at plastic surgery -- and how it's clearly more important than the issues facing our country. (NYT)

  • Discontinued Model: For the eighth time in recent years, model Naomi Campbell has been accused of physically assaulting someone. Whatever happened to three strikes and you're out? It's time to lock this stupid bitch up and teach her a lesson. (NBC)

  • The gay rights group Human Rights Campaign announced Wednesday that one of its employees was responsible for creating the blog that first published the e-mails sent to teenage male pages by former congressman Mark Foley. The employee, who was acting independently of HRC, was reportedly a junior staff member hired in September to assist in organizing HRC members in Michigan, was shitcanned for his actions (I'm not entirely sure why), but I say bravo to him. (Advocate)
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