Thursday, October 26, 2006

Morning Glory: Alessandro Calza

(Click to enlarge photos)

I first recall seeing sexy Italian Alessandro Calza's photos on one of those gay muscle Web sites years ago. My friend Jay and I both thought he was way too hot to be a real person on there. (We later discovered that Alessandro has his Web site, chock full of pictures of himself, so then we figured he was some type of model.)
Tonight I discovered the four photos above -- stills from a new film he's starring in called "Ciao." (I guess this means he's a model/actor/dancer/sing-- ... well, you know how it works). Alessandro describes the project this way: "I finished working in Dallas on a little supercool indie movie called CIAO from director Yen Tan and producer Jim McMahon. It is not exactly 'Brokeback Mountain 2,' lol, but maybe kind of a Gay 'Lost in Translation.'"
You can watch the movie's trailer here -- it looks really interesting. From what I can gather, it's about a man who comes from Italy to visit another guy he met on the Internet, only the guy he's set to meet dies suddenly in an accident right before he arrives, so he ends up spending time with one of that guy's friends (perhaps a boyfriend?). I'm speculating on the "bizarre love triangle" plot, but one thing is for sure: Alessandro's love affair with still cameras translates beautifully to the silver screen ... check out four shirtless shots on the jump page.

Visit director Yen Tan's "Ciao" blog here.
Visit Alessandro's Web site here.


Anonymous said...

Why is Alessandro Calza's website for "AHunter", do you suppose? Is that his stage name or something? Not to mention the "wiew" options found on his site...

dbv said...

i first saw him on

Anonymous said...

Yow! Now that is a hunky and masculine guy! Yum!

Thanks for sharing your "find", Kenneth. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kenneth, first I must say that I enjoy starting my day with your blog!

Always plenty of eye candy here, much like on; but Alessandro is HOT!! Not like your typical over-plucked, gym rat, pretty boy. He's got the whole ruggedly handsome look down! 100% natural beauty. I think I'm in love, LOL!

Anonymous said...

waaaaaay dreamy!

Too bad some of these hot Italians lose their hair when they get older.

Alessandro said...

Well, I am Alessandro btw, and somebody told me about this blog.

Anyway I want to thank you Kenneth for writing such cute words about me. I'm not an actoror model, I'm just a graphic designer.

But I realized that I wanted to do something political which was based on personal visibility. I as a gay man believe that I can affect the environment I live into and adjust it to accept gay lifestyle and visibility more organically.

So I sarted working around my persona. Every now and then I get some comment from a teenager who says my work is of great inspiration (whataver that means jo or something more artistical/social I don't know...).

I guess that's some sweet reward.

About the nick Ahunter
means A (generic) hunter. Cause we all are, aren't we?

Big Ciao


mark said...

Alessandro is so incredibly beautiful.

jackmsw said...

more pics at:

Anonymous said...

Ohmygod! He's absolutely gorgeous!!! He's talented and socially-minded, too. And, as a bonus, he's from Genoa. I guess I'd give an arm and a leg to become his friend. I wish my ancestors from Genova had transferred to me some of the sexiness he exudes...

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