Thursday, September 28, 2006

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  • Der Wienerschnitzel: I don't know how I missed this great profile on Berlin's first openly gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit. His nickname is Wowi, he came out to the public in 2001 by saying "I'm gay, and it's good that way," he LOVES Madonna and his Bavarian boy toy boyfriend is a neurosurgeon 12 years his junior --- oh, and did I mention that there's talk that he could be Germany's next prime minister? How do you say "fabulous!" in German? (NYT)

  • I Knew She Had a Bug Up Her Butt, But ... : Republican NY state attorney general candidate Jeanine Pirro said Wednesday she was under federal investigation for plotting to secretly record her husband to find out whether he was having another affair. Her millionaire hubby, lobbyist Albert Pirro, spent 11 months in prison after being convicted on tax fraud charges in 2000 and fathered an illegitimate daughter after their wedding in 1975. This is just the type of person we need as New York's attorney general. (AP)

  • History Repeats: Why did those three Republican "rebel senators" bother pushing back at the President Bush over the bill on detainees if in the end everyone was just going to throw in the towel and let him do -- once again -- whatever he wants, however he wants. Haven't we learned anything in the past four years? Are the Democrats just going to whine about the dismantling of the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions only after it's said and done? (Hint: yes.) (WP)

  • Out of Style: The one stylebook that I have never had any use for -- the Chicago Manual of Style -- is going online today. The price for the online version will be $25 for individuals for the first year, $30 thereafter, and more for institutions, depending on their size. The list price of the hardcover print version is $55. If I were you I'd skip that crap and get yourself over to or buy "Lapsing Into a Comma" and "The Elephants of Style" by Bill Walsh. They're far more useful -- and amusing -- and I'm not even saying that because I get a family kickback. (NYT)

  • Cry for Help: If Terrell Owens really did attempt suicide (the paramedics are certain he did) and then get shoved out by his handlers to do a press conference denying the whole thing, then that's some really fucked up shit. (AP)

  • Lethal Weapons: Anna Nicole Smith's son, Daniel, was taking methadone? Was he even (ever) a heroin addict? (CBS/AP)

  • She's No 'Betty': So are you excited for the premiere of "Ugly Betty" tonight? I am -- and even remembered to set my DVR. The funniest thing about this show is that it's kind of the same premise as "The Devil Wears Prada," except that "hideous" Anne Hathaway is practically a runway model for the ages. (WP)

  • Fat Chance: It what has to be a violation of countless laws, New York City's Board of Health wants to try to limit the amount of trans fat restaurants can put in their foods. This is ridiculous. If you want to limit the amount of fat you have in your diet, limit it yourself. (Xinhuanet)

  • Sex Ed: Here's Your Syllabus, and Your Condom (NYT)

    bantling14 said...

    Methadone is being used for things other than stopping Heroin addiction these days. One use is for intense chronic pain. No clue what else it is used for now. But Daniel may have had reason to be on it. Altho, it is also used illegaly as a cheap high.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm all for NO SMOKING in public places. I'm always battling with myself to order a salad instead of tasty, warm, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, salty, ketchup enhancing, seasoned curly fries, but that is MY battle. If someone is willing to do the cardio that I can't get myself to do and enjoy the fries made with transfats, let them! Smoke is unhealthy, nasty and affects everyone around it. Fat in food is something everyone should deal with on their own. Besides,it affects only the eater and those who have to look at them if they let themsleves "go". Mandating this change is riddiculous. That said, I would probably patronize a place that advertised they had less transfats (by choice)and feel less shame with myself if I don't choose the salad. Now mandating stopping the use of Methadone in foods by restaurants is something else...

    Anonymous said...

    Actually you can say fabulous three different ways in German: sagenhaft, toll, or fabelhaft (my personal favorite).