Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Page 1 Consider (08/29)

  • Bait and Switch: The special "Everything's Duckie Edition" DVD of the 1986 teen angst classic "Pretty in Pink" just came out, and everything about it suggested we'd finally get to see the infamous original ending where Andie picks the Duck Man instead of that fickle richie Blane (which for the record is not a name, it's a major appliance). But don't get your hopes up too high -- there's lots of talk about how the test audiences hated the original ending, but the footage ain't there. On the upside, the new DVD does finally back up my best friend Greg's claim that Andrew McCarthey was in fact wearing a wig during the scene's climatic prom scene. (WP)

  • Cher Gave Birth to a Heterosexual? It seems Paris Hilton is furious with Elijah Blue Allman, Cher’s son by rocker Gregg Allman, for claiming that the two had sex — and that then he worried that he caught something from her. (MSNBC)

  • The Comeback: Hunky Carson Palmer aced his comeback test. With a brace protecting his rebuilt left knee, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback took the hits, avoided the rush and threw three touchdown passes Monday night against the Green Bay Packers in his first game back from the injury. (AP)

  • Dangerous Minds: Detroit teachers go on strike. I'm sure the city's standardized tests scores are really gonna drop now. (AP)

  • For Your Consideration: Steve Carell. (MSNBC)

  • 300 sq. ft of heaven: This story about The Housing Virgins of Manhattan sure brings back memories. (NYT)

  • How Low Can You Go? Forget about years from now -- how do we explain what just happened with John Mark Karr now? (WP)
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