Thursday, June 29, 2006

Page 1 Consider (06/29)

  • Oh, and She Sings: Five female pop stars -- Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Janet Jackson and Jewel -- are looking to reclaim their place in the world of music with new albums this month, but I'd argue that at least four of them are really more famous for being famous than for being singers anymore. (NYT)

  • Pounding His Gavel: You mean judges aren't supposed to masturbate while sitting on the bench? (AP)

  • Lawn Chair-man: Roger Federer made Tim Henman look like a club player in round 2. (AP)

  • Do You Believe in Magic? DUI cutie J.J. Redick, a near-lock top-10 pick in most mock drafts, slipped to No. 11 as the Orlando Magic selected him Wednesday night in the NBA draft at Madison Square Garden. (Orlando Sentinel)

  • Break Point: Anyone else as creeped out by this whole Woody Allen-Scarlet Johansson thing as I am? (NY mag)

  • Greatest Hits: Bin Laden to issue al-Zarqawi tribute tape. I wonder if it will include a blooper reel and deleted scenes. (AP)
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