Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fortune and Men's Eyes

For more Sorin pics, click here.

After weeks of silent shame, I finally came clean with my reality-TV junkie friend at work yesterday that yes, I do watch "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" (like you don't!). Believe it or not, I never got into "America's Next Top Model," so I missed all the Janice fun there (too many people competing for screen time when all I want is Janice). Then I tried to watch her on "The Surreal Life," but that stupid whore Omarosa wouldn't shut the fuck up for two seconds, and I finally gave up on that (apparently so did Janice -- she was so annoyed with that tranny that she exited the house before the show even ended). So when the Queen of Train Wrecks Janice finally got her much-deserved show, I was ripe for the watching.

First off, don't listen to the bloggers who say the show "looks low-budget" or Virginia Heffernan of the NYT who says the camera has to be constantly moving as to not let viewers see Dickinson's "disturbing when scutinized" face -- it's all lies. The show looks great and Janice -- a self-proclaimed fake from hair to chin, and ear to ear -- is completely fascinating to watch (and watch they let us -- she's in virtually every scene). Any hint of drug abuse or loopy Anna Nicole Smith syndrome is completely gone this time around. She's opening her own modeling agency and she means business.

And Janice knows how to pick some hot models -- well, some hot male models. All of the women she's picked so far have had weight problems, which makes you wonder if she did this on purpose so she can be more than twice the average girl's age but still have a better body and then throw it in their faces (smart girl!).

Like every week, this week's episode was the best episode ever! The men's underwear company 2(x)ist came knocking looking for three guys who look hot in tighty whities to do a job in the Big Apple. The auditions were bulge-a-licious and Janice's No. 1 hunk, Sorin Mihalache of Transylvania(!), who I've blogged about before here, here and here, thought he was a sure thing until the casting people actually wanted him to have a personality(!) and he clammed up. You could almost see the words "but I'm so gorgeous, why don't just hire me?" written across his face.

When the company selected three other models, including sexy manny T.J. Wilk (who is packing heat and was featured on last night's "Entertainment Tonight"), Paul Ramirez (both below) and former "Manhunt" reality modeling show contestant John Stallings, Sorin sat on the floor and sobbed like a little girl (it was hilarious!). He's so hot that -- of course -- he eventually had Janice and her business partner kissing his ass telling him how he actually was "much hotter" than the people 2(x)ist selected, but that modeling is "99 percent rejection," so he just had to get used to it. From the look on Sorin's face though, something tells me this really was the first time he'd been rejected, which is exactly why this really is must-see television ...

See these photos and lots more over at OhLaLaParis and FourFour.


Anonymous said...

What network is the Janice show on?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

The Oxygen Network (OH!)

John said...

Am I the only one who thought the trainer/evaluator of the models was Syrus from the "Real World"??

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I think that was the season after the London snoozefest that I didn't watch (Boston, right?), so I don't know that guy. I'll ask Michael.

Anonymous said...

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Kenneth in Canada