Thursday, May 04, 2006

Warmth of the Sun

Sometimes things just work out so beautifully that you can't remember when they didn't. Today I had to give up a lucrative work assignment because of my poor planning -- writing down the wrong day on my calendar for a concert we have tickets to tonight (I was only off by 2 weeks). I woke up so bummed because I wanted the job and certainly wouldn't object to the money, but I had to tell my boss that I couldn't do it.

Suddenly I go outside and it's the most beautiful day in the history of Manhattan. Warm and sunny, but cool enough to be comfortable. After having lunch with my lovah, I spent the whole day sunning at the Christopher Street Pier, people-watching, listening to my iPod and drinking a very large iced coffee (1/2 gallon of half-and-half and six Splendas and I'm ready to go). Suddenly the idea of sitting in an office all day seemed ridiculous -- and the day just gets better.

Tonight we're off to see my girl Rosanne Cash in Brooklyn. I saw her once in Battery Park shortly after 9/11 and it was a moving experience. These days she's promoting a new album about an equally poignant topic -- the death of a parent (or in her case, parents). Something tells me I would have loved "Black Cadillac" even if my father and others I love hadn't died in recent times, but the imagery and perspective her work provides have been a tremendous comfort to me, so seeing her churn it out live will be extra special. And her trademark acoustic version of "Wouldn't It Be Love(r)ly from "My Fair Lady" never fails to give me goose bumps.

Hope your Thursday was half as sweet as mine ...

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Anonymous said...

Umm wait, you started your day with LUNCH, and then spent the rest of it sunning yourself . . . on a THURSDAY!!! Damn, a fellow manhattanite, I had to make do with a quick stroll through Bryant Park at lunchtime and then it was back to the office. You must lead a charmed life.