Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pal for Life

When I asked my cyberbuddy John over at Lost in the '80s if he was a fan of Slow Children (known back in '82 for their MTV video hit "President Am I") and he responded: "Hmmm, you stumped me with Slow Children!" my first thought was it was kinda cool that I'd "stumped" an '80s expert like him. But my feeling quickly changed to thinking that if even he hadn't heard of this wonderful little duo, then fewer people than I'd thought ever appreciated them, which is a shame. To this day, Slow Children's two early '80s albums remain two of my all-time favorites. Never reissued on CD, I had a DJ friend transfer mine to digital files and my pal Greg designed killer artwork for the collection.

Jump ahead 25 years, the group's former singer Pal Shazar will be playing at the Living Room here in NYC on Thursday at 8 p.m., in support of her wonderful new album, "The Morning After." The new CD, like her six previous solo efforts, picks up where the old duo left off: catchy pop tunes with decidedly quirky/cerebral lyrics. If you like female singer/songwriter types (think of a cross between a Mensa-member version of Cyndi Lauper and a new wave Carole King), you should check Pal Shazar out. I know I'll be there (maybe she'll even sign my homemade Slow Children CD!).

Watch Sherry Wallace's video for "Talk About Horses" here:

And her  video for "People Talk" from the new album, here:

  • Buy "The Morning After" here.
  • Visit the Pal Shazar site here.

    Kenneth M. Walsh said...

    Not sure what is going on with YouTube, but their clips have been "down" for 24 hours.

    Please come back to watch these wonderful videos later in the day.

    Anonymous said...

    Holy Crap! Slow Children? For years and years and YEARS I thought "President I Am" was by Altered Images and assumed it was some rare import because I never could find it on any Altered Images CD (the greatest hits CD is top notch). And now that video, which I totally remember...thanks so much for bringing it to light.

    Again, thanks for brightening my day with your excellent blog.