Friday, May 26, 2006

Hey, Young London!

Michael thinks this kid is adorable; I think he's so young and British-looking that I'm not really sure what I think.


Jake said...

Kinda looks like Josh Lucas' younger brother, no?

Steve said...

Michael's right.

Mark said...

The chap's name is Will Chalker, who was discovered working construction. He's with Models 1 in London. Many more photos can be founf with a simple search

Anonymous said...

He is freakishly HOT! I love that Ad.... I first saw that Ad in Paris, a huge Giant Size at the Metro I thought I was going to faint.... ended up buying the cologn 'cuz of that. Loving him!


Dennis! said...

Ummm.... yeah, he's hot.

Anonymous said...

Michael is right.

This guy is HOTT!

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