Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Worship: Shane Keough

Who wants a car wash?
Shane Keough from "The Real Housewives of Orange County."


Anonymous said...

I was flipping through channels tonight and ran across the "Housewives" show just as they were showing this stud.

He is frakin' hot!

Anonymous said...

Goddamnit, you have the greatest taste in men. I'm loving the pictures all the way down this... blog, would you call it? Just thought I'd let you know, your pictures are great and I love reading all the little things you have to say. :) And the parrot, about half way down the page in your trip westward, is adorable.

Anonymous said...

That man is beautiful. Perfection. Killer body. Adorable face. Masculine and cute. Studly and sweet. He looks spectacular in that baseball gear and seriously, it gets me everytime to think that he's wearing a jockstrap under that outfit. So sexy. Shane Keough should be a model. He has the perfect athletic physique, gorgeous face, sexy walk, talk and attitude, and the hot, macho vigor of the perfect, young, "all-american male."