Monday, March 27, 2006

The Kid Stays in the Picture

The Sunday New York Times had a nice article about Martina Hingis' comeback, in which she explains that there was no satisfying outlet for her innate competitiveness. "She could enter horse shows, but the animal at the end of her reins is not always as pliable as the ball at the end of her racket. She could do tennis commentary for European television outlets, but that is a collaborative endeavor, not a competitive one."

"You know," Hingis said recently, "just really nothing satisfied me as much as being back on the court."

Perhaps most amusing is Hingis' reaction to everyone's belief that she has gone diesel. When asked if she has taken on a heavy-duty weight-training regimen and says the beefier upper body -- most notably her arms and shoulders -- is simply the result of growing up.

"I'm not 17 anymore," Hingis said. "It's not a child's body anymore. It's more of a woman's body, I'd say."

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