Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Morning Wood: Justin Hartley

All I'm going to say about dreamy 6-foot-3 soap stud/new dad Justin Hartley is that his latest acting credit was in the bisexual road pic "Race You to the Bottom" (I'd love to).

UPDATE: It looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of Justin in prime time soon: a friend informs me that Justin has just been cast in the lead role of the new CW show Aquaman, replacing Will Toale.

A CW (that's the new WB/UPN combo network) spokesperson had this to say about the switcharoo: "Will is a talented actor with a promising career and we hope to work with him in the future. We have made the decision to go in a different direction with the Aquaman role and wish him the best of luck in all of his endeavors."

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    Anonymous said...

    Good timing, just read at that they have re-cast Justin as the new Aquaman on the WB/CW... might have to check that out now... he is yummy!

    Kenneth M. Walsh said...

    Thanks for the update, Ed!

    Jana said...

    UPDATE:Just recently,I went on the message board at Justin's official website and I read,and this is for real,that the show Justin was going to be on didn't get picked up by the CW,which sadly means no Aquaman.

    Anonymous said...

    Check out this video from Justin's upcoming film "Race You to the Bottom." Very hot.