Monday, January 30, 2006

'Mother' and Child Reunion

We finally saw "TransAmerica" yesterday. We went to see it once before -- and tried not to see it at all before that. Confused yet?

Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but when I first saw the trailer for it some months ago, I gave my usual YES or NO reaction. "TransAmerica" got a resounding NO from me. Why, you ask? I said to Michael -- this guy they have playing the lead is so ridiculously not a woman that I just felt the whole premise of the film would be flawed. Obviously in the story the character Bree is "passing" in society -- and there's NO WAY the man they have playing her could pass. (Did you get a load of that square jaw and stubble?) Cut to Michael's telling me that "it's that lady from 'Desperate Housewives,' you moron" and my subsequent red face.

Then three weeks ago we had just sat down in the theater to see it when we got the horrifying phone call that Larry had died. Naturally we left to be with his boyfriend and family.

So now that we've seen it, I think it would be fair to say that "TransAmerica" was worth the wait. I'm not going to write a long review of the film (there are plenty of them out there), but if Felicity Huffman doesn't walk home with a little gold statue, there is no god (for sure).

What a brilliant film. So many layers, textures and details to enjoy and absorb. Kevin Zegers is perfect as her "Oops, Didn't Know I Had a" son. Although I feel like a pervert for admitting it, this 1984-born young man is one sexy kid -- and is not shy about showing off his body (sadly, being born in 1984 doesn't actually make him all that young -- and certainly not jailbait).

But most of all, Felicity Huffman's understated performance will blow you away.

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