Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday Worship: Thomas Roberts

Suited-up or on-air or shirtless at Marc and Barry's pool party. It works either way ...
I've always had a thing for news anchors — and CNN Headline News' Thomas Roberts is one of the reasons why. He can make even the worst news look, uh, I mean sound good.

I met Thomas at a party over the summer in the Hamptons and let me tell you that he's as nice as he is handsome.


Harlot said...

He's not bad. But Rob Marciano.. oh man.. Now he could fuck me, er, deliver the news to me.. and i would come--would listen!--till dawn. :P

Love your blog, Kenneth. My friend from Costa Rica was the one who told me about you. :)

Anonymous said...

Thomas Roberts is Perfect in everyway the complete package