Friday, October 28, 2005

Deaf Bitch (No, Not Def — Deaf)

Everyone's favorite hard-to-please/hard-of-hearing nail salon customer Foxy Brown is apparently not a big fan of bicylists, either.

The NY Post is reporting that Robert Herschenfeld and other bikers were apparently blocking where Brown's chauffeur-driven SUV was attempting to go, at which point the rapper screamed out the window: "Get out of my way, you dumb white faggots!"

Brown's driver proceeded to plow over Herschenfeld and then tried to speed away (cops were later able to arrest the driver).

I just love how news like this goes by nearly unreported. If the situation had been reversed, and a comparable epithet had been used against her, you can be sure it would be national news.

Full story: Foxy Driver Probe (via NY Post)


Anonymous said...

I hate that bitch! I loved it when she went deaf! Looks like her hearing came back, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

OMG she's still deaf...unless she's been cured since last week! Maybe she thought she was only thinking her comments and didn't realize she screamed it!

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