Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Wolfson in Sheep's Clothing

Tracy Wolfson's post-match interview with Lleyton Hewitt on Sunday at the U.S. Open was truly unreal. I'm not sure how this pint-size reporter got her job, but it's pretty sad that CBS would have such a knowledgeable group working in the booth (you can't beat John McEnroe and Mary Carillo) yet still hire people who know nothing about the game of tennis to actually interact with the players.

I'm not a big fan of the oft-grumpy Hewitt, but he really did handle himself quite nicely given the fact that he had just finished an exhausting five-set match — and Wolfson was completely out of line.

My co-worker and friend Lynn always had this theory that Hewitt must not be such a bad guy because even when he had his setback year in 2003, he would always continue to stay at the Grand Slam events to watch his then-fiance Kim Clijsters play her matches. (Something we all know Jimmy Connors would have never done for Chris Evert back in the day.) This made Hewitt — if nothing else — a "good boyfriend" in Lynn's eyes.

Of course, then there was that mysteriously abrupt end of the engagement followed by his impregnating an Australian soap star and marrying her ...

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