Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Television Briefly

I wasn't very impressed with the return of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." It's starting to seem kind of forced and I was anticipating the kooky coincidences way before they happened. Which season did Larry David leave "Seinfeld"? It kind of seems like he knew when to quit then, but maybe not this time.

"Extras" sounded like a brilliant idea and I did enjoy it. It may be a bit too British for my taste (I could barely understand half of what was said, either), but I'm all about the embarrassment humor, so I'll be back next Sunday.

"Open Bar" saw hunky Tyler Robuck (pictured) finally get his new bar, iCandy, opened for business (disaster). What the hell was that geisha girl getup on Yawar? He's a messy one.

On "Laguna Beach" we learned that Alex M. has a stinky beaver (well, that's what Casey heard, anyway) and that Kristin (pictured, looking way hot) has spread her wings and is now not only Cocktease of the Southland, but also of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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