Friday, September 09, 2005

North by North County

It's hard not to be obsessed with MTV's "reality" TV show "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County."

In Monday's episode, "Get Over Him," sexy Kristin (pictured) and her pal Alex H. (sorry about the face) decide to take resident victim Jessica snowboarding up north in Mammoth to try to take Jess' mind off of Laguna's resident bad boy Jason, with whom she just had a very messy breakup. The only problem is that every time the well-intentioned girls turn their back, Jessica is back on her cell phone calling Jason professing her undying love. Even when they get the hot guys from the rental shop to hit the slopes with them, Jessica still manages to whip out her phone to further humiliate herself on ice. Will you never learn, Jess?

Meanwhile back in Laguna, Jason has already "moved on" with that snake Alex M. from Laguna's other clique, the L.C. crew. Having "fallen in love" at the Olive Garden the night before, Jason and Alex M. decide to go public with their relationship over at the richest-girl-in-Laguna Casey's mansion. Alex M.'s best friend Taylor is strangely giddy by this development, and Casey decides the gang needs a nosh to help celebrate. So using her squeaky voice and a dash of 10th grade Spanish, she screams down to her beloved live-in housekeeper: "Imelda, Could you make us un quesadilla por favor?" Oddly, Casey's live-in hair stylist was nowhere to be found.

The coming attractions were quite a tease. It looks like Jessica has already managed weasel her way back into Jason's "heart."

Take that, Alex M.!

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Anonymous said...

i must say i love laguana beach.... stephen is hot as hell.