Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hurricane 'Karina'

It seems our (nearly comatose) first lady finds the only way to stop herself from chainsmoking these days is to keep her foot in her mouth:

Yesterday Laura Bush made a double gaffe when she spoke of the support needed for thousands of children displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Speaking to reporters at an elementary school in Iowa, Mrs. Bush, 58, wrongly referred to the hurricane as "Karina" twice.

The blunder follows a gaffe just days ago by President Bush's mother, Barbara, who claimed poverty-stricken refugees were better off thanks to the hurricane.
(from TheMirror.co.uk)

Now I realize that we all make mistakes when speaking in public, but honest to god. This is the biggest natural disaster in the history of this country yet she's so insulated from it all that she can't even remember the correct name? It's just embarrassing.

I also recently found out that back in 1963, our favorite librarian ran a stop sign and committed vehicular manslaughter of a 17-year-old high school friend (or lover, depending on whom you ask) back in Midland, Texas. As kind of a foreshadowing of her life with the George, she was (naturally) not held accountable for this.

And she's the likeable one?

Too Stupid to Be President has an actual Top 10 list of the Bush administration's known arrests and crimes.

UPDATE: Add Jeb Bush's son John to the list: Governor's Son Arrested (via The Associated Press)


mary bishop said...

You're damn good too!!!! We certainly think alike... A pleasure to meet you.

LoJo said...

My favorite "explanation" of the Bush family's apathy to Katrina's destruction was in the Sept. 9 issue of USAToday: it's not a familial isolation from the hard circumstances that produced the glacial reaction time; it was their "Yankee reserve" to blame. Interesting how native Texan Laura fits right in with those slow Yankees!

Bill said...

A colleague of mine says they're saying it that way to make people think Al Gore's daughter Karenna was somehow to blame.

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