Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Party Monster 2.0

Fans of James St. James's "Disco Bloodbath" and the films it inspired will definitely want to catch "Glory Daze: The Life and Times of Michael Alig," Ramon Fernandez's new documentary airing on Netlifx that brings us up to date since the onetime king of gay New York City nightlife in the '90s was released from prison for his role in the 1996 killing of Angel Melendez. For the uninspired, it gives enough background -- or acts as a refresher for those of us who lived through the Club Kid era -- that you can dive right in, while also offering interesting insight into what many of the principals are feeling now that Alig has been released from prison after 17 years for manslaughter. While some may be taken aback by Alig and James's ability to have a sense of humor about the tragedy, I came away feeling Alig was a remorseful man who has paid his debt to society. Curious how others feel.


If you're wondering what he's up to, he's on Twitter HERE.

Wrestle Wednesday

This kid's style reminds me of that Gold Coast College wrestler named Dan I "dated" briefly when I lived in Huntington Beach. Or was it more like THIS?

Song of the Day: 'Detonate' by Dragonette

If I were going to like a newer group, this might be the one! 

Morning Wood

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Novak Djokovic Splits With Boris Becker

Don't really have a lot of feelings about this news. Winning the French Open was clearly driving Nole these past couple years, and it just seemed like once he'd accomplished that, tennis took a slight backseat to fatherhood and enjoying life. His first six months were almost unparalleled and the second "bad" six were something most players would dream of. He's supposedly "re" committing himself to the game in 2017, which doesn't bode well for the rest of the field.

Actor Van Williams Is Dead at 82

Read about the life and times of the "Green Hornet" and "Surfside 6" dreamboat -- who got his start when Elizabeth Taylor and then-husband Mike Todd, spotted him running in a skin-tight getup in Hawaii in the '50s -- HERE.

Teenage Boy Stands by Story of 'Not Gay' Politician Pursuing Him

Mike Yenni, the Republican president of Jefferson Parish, La., claims he never kissed or BOUGHT DESIGNER UNDERWEAR for the teenage boy he admits sexting, but the kid says it's all true. Read HERE.

(He's so not gay he got his wife pregnant again!)

Homegrown Terrorism

So in addition to Islamic terrorists like we saw in San Bernardino, now we have to worry about homegrown nuts being inspired by people advising our own president-elect? Way to go, America. Something tells me there are way more of these lurking in our shadows.

Trump Retaliates Against Boeing Minutes After Company Expressed Concerns About His Trade Policies

This is truly terrifying. How is he going to find time to be president if he is so busy (unethically) settling individual scores?

Read Robert Reed's article HERE.

Caption Me

See more of British snooker player Mark Selby's ass in action HERE.

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