Thursday, July 11, 2024

Biden’s Point of No Return

What a difference two days make. It's Thursday and with Nancy Pelosi now hinting that she isn't 100% behind President Biden, it's starting to feel like we've reached a tipping point in the "Should he stay or should he go?" sweepstakes.

Four days ago I scoffed when a friend wrote on Facebook:
Pardon the punditry, but I don't see any way that a national presidential campaign can possibly recover from a week-plus of calls from inside and outside the party for the candidate to step down. What is one more interview, one more town hall, even one more debate going to achieve at this point? The GOP could basically spend from now until November doing nothing but running ads quoting Democrats and liberal pundits saying Biden needs to go, over footage from the debate. 

Even if you think he was a solid and electable candidate before the debate, there is no way to take back anything that's been said and reported since. This is essentially a zombie campaign now, that's the political reality.
Now I give in. But let me tell you why I fear this was a complete miscalculation:

First, I still firmly believe that if Democrats had maintained a united front after the debate -- like Republicans have no matter what their candidate does -- President Biden could have ridden this out and had a good chance to win. (Am I the only one who remembers that the other guy didn't get the most votes in 2016 or 2020 -- and that he cost his party the White House, the House and the Senate?)

Secondly, you don't squander an incumbency. You just don't. Instead, let the infighting and accusations of "coronations" begin.

And last and most troubling, I don't see any clean way for the president to be replaced as the Democratic nominee -- and I'm not at all convinced doing so will increase the chance that the Democrat will win in November. (Do people not remember that Humphrey still lost handily to Nixon when Johnson exited?) Yes, I understand that the vast majority of people don't like either candidate. But if there had been a Democrat that more people like, we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. So why do people think we can magically produce and coalesce around one now? 

What Democrats forget -- but Republicans know and are salivating about -- is that the other guy is so despised by so many voters that all it took to defeat him was putting him up against a generic white man, because (as unfair as it may be) things don’t stick to them the way they do to others. (“Crooked Joe” didn’t work. "Burisma" didn’t work. "Hunter’s laptop" didn’t work.) Now the other guy is probably going to get another femme foil, which he and far too many white men live (and love) to demonize. (It's like for these guys a vote against Hillary Clinton was a vote against "that b**ch" who dumped them.) The only person I've ever heard people talk about more contemptuously than Hillary and Nancy Pelosi is Kamala Harris. (I'll let you try to figure out why that may be -- wink-wink.) I am aware that the Veep's numbers have marginally improved, but wait’ll she gets “birthered” and “emailed” for months on end. (And now that Democrats have labeled Biden damaged goods, either way is a win-win for Republicans.) Still, since it now seems the well has been poisoned, the sooner the process begins the better.

Democrats have long been their own worst enemies. And refusing to take yes for an answer is how they managed to lose Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan in 2016 just weeks after the "Access Hollywood" tape aired and Republicans were calling for their nominee to drop out. (Do Dems even remember that?) So in the interest of not giving these voters another excuse to not show up, go ahead and pick another candidate. Let's call their bluff and pray I am wrong about everything.

And to Joe Biden: Thank you for all you've done. You were the best president in my lifetime (to date). 

UPDATE: Biden -- who was gaffe-prone when he was 4 and called Barack Obama "bright and clean" before getting picked by him to be his running mate --  just introduced Ukrainian President Zelenskyy at a NATO press conference as "President Putin." (After realizing his mistake he went back to the podium to say: "No, we're going to beat Putin.") Meanwhile the other candidate calls Biden "Obama" every other time he opens his mouth, but apparently when Joe does it it's the end of the world. (At this point I’m starting to think we don’t deserve democracy.)

God help us all. 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Remains of the Day (07/10)

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Tennis Tuesday: Daniil Medvedev

I realize we're supposed to think Daniil Medvedev looks ridiculous dressed up as heyday John McEnroe in a Pepperstone ad running during the Wimbledon fortnight. But truthfully I'm finding myself a little tingly in my bathing-suit area seeing the Russian's thighs that are usually hidden under his normal shorts. Watch BELOW.

Monday, July 08, 2024

Remains of the Day (07/08)


WaPoGay elder prom brings joy, redo of dance many dreaded decades ago ... can anyone of us forget when Stanford Blatch attended his LGBT prom?

ABC NewsFormer classmate found guilty in murder of gay Jewish teen Blaze Bernstein

You know how the U.S. can avoid authoritarianism? Skip undermining the cause on social media and do what France and the U.K. did: Vote for the candidate who believes in democracy. Our incumbent has been the most progressive president in history and is still our best bet in November having defeated the opponent before. Even if you do have age-related qualms, they have already been addressed with a qualified vice president in place who will continue the current agenda if need be. 

This was true a few months ago. Now Democrats are doing the GOP's work for them.

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