Friday, July 16, 2021

Tweet Nothings

Started with OC, which was a gateway drug to NY and NJ. Hit rock bottom when I found myself contacting Child Protective Services on Kelly Bensimon. I thank God every day now

P.S. A number of years ago I was shopping in SoHo and the entire crew of Atlanta walked up to me and my then-boyfriend to ask us which way the Louis Vuitton store was. My bf watched Atlanta -- I didn't -- but Kandi said something sweet about my outfit and I almost relapsed later that night! 

Ooh la la, Maxime!! That is a lot of man out there. 

Hubba hubba. 

I remember it well. However, I was living in Washington during my internship on Capitol Hill and bought the cassette because I was in that weird phase between records and compact discs!  


LGBT people: The Rodney Dangerfield of minorities 

This looks fabulous but I have to confess that I "pitched" the same book to BJK when I ran into her at Phoenix Sky Habor International Airport in 2009 -- we were both catching a flight to JFK after visiting the folks in Arizona -- and she kind of scoffed, saying a publisher would never go for it. {"Nobody would buy it except the really hardcore fans.") Turns out she was right -- but kudos to Donn Gobbie for taking matters into his own hands and self-publishing what sounds like the definitive story of those pivotal early years of women's professional tennis. 

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