Thursday, November 19, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Montego Bay' by Amazulu


Hadn't thought of Amazulu in ages, but came across a song of theirs I posted in 2007 ("Excitable") while "curing" some old posts on here. You heard that right. As I was putting together my post on my blog's 15th anniversary, it started to bother me that so many videos I had shared over the years had gone dead, so I began poring through thousands and thousands of posts to try to cure them to their intended state. (I have seen some crazy stuff!) If it sounds insanely OCD -- blog posts aren't really intended to be lasting -- it's also been a bit like looking through an old photo album, what with all of the posts about my friends, family, pets and life in general. Now enjoy this classic single by this wonderful British reggae band that broke up more than three decades ago. 

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