Thursday, October 29, 2020

Songs of the Day: 'Suspense' by Slow Children vs. 'Think Too Much' by Paul Simon

Today's songs of the day -- plural -- were selected after a friend updated his Facebook status to read:

Is anybody else in a really dark place about what might happen next week (not just the election itself, but the repercussions of the election)? If so, DM me. Maybe we can support each other. At least I'll find out I'm not the only one.

He's DEFINITELY not alone. I've been letting my mind wander places it shouldn't go, sleeping as poorly as I'm eating, and doing little else to take care of myself. (Eating mint Girl Scout cookies is the same as brushing your teeth, right?) But despite the scar tissue from 2016 --  which was an entirely different situation --  the polls indicate that things are definitely looking good.

So while I have this Slow Children song on a constant loop in my head, with its fitting refrain "the suspense is making me sick" ...

Damian has sought to calm my nerves with this Paul Simon rejoinder. 

Five more days, everyone! xo

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Scott said...

Slow Children! Yay!
I'm not trying to be President, am I?