Saturday, April 18, 2020

'Angelyne' Leaps Off Billboards Onto the Small Screen

Talk about delayed gratification. When Angelyne began popping up on billboards around Hollywood in the 1980s, I'm imagining she envisioned the splashy ads leading to an acting career of sorts, if only on par with Pia Zadora. Some 40 years later, the busty blonde (née Ronia Tamar Goldberg) has scant acting credits -- gas girl in "Earth Girls Are Easy" (1988); sly fox dancer in "Hardcase and Fist" (1989); blonde in "Homer and Eddie" (1989) --  but is finally having her big moment as the subject of a new limited series on NBCUniversal’s new streaming platform, Peacock.

The network unveiled a first look at “Angelyne,” starring Emmy Rossum (of "Shameless" fame) as the titular human Barbie doll who is credited as a pre-reality-television celebrity who became famous for merely being famous.

The Hollywood Reporter first pulled the curtain back on the only-in-Hollywood story in 2017, revealing that Angelyne is the locally raised daughter of Holocaust survivors, "a Jew who has found refuge in shiksa drag." But if fans are hoping to learn more about her life through the series, they may be disappointed. The 69-year-old blonde bombshell says she was shocked at how Rossum was plastered with prosthetics as part of her costume and claims the producers have resorted to "making up stuff" about her life. reports that she landed a $1 million contract to sign up as an executive producer for the new show, but now says it's been "fictionalized to the hilt"  describing it as "completely untrue" while insisting Rossum "looks nothing like me."

Who'd have thought someone who sought fame by plastering her image on billboards and still drives around in a pink Corvette selling T-shirts out of her trunk would be a handful?!

Trailer trash?

Gary Baum of the Hollywood Reporter gives a thoughtful article about his subject.


She did get a nod in this 2002 Moby video.

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