Thursday, July 19, 2018

Remains of the Day (07/19)

CBS News: Iconic "Brady Bunch" house for sale after nearly 50 years

Pitchfork: A new Sade album is in the works

Towleroad: I'm not a fan of the death penalty, but am always relieved to see that someone who murdered a gay person was actually held accountable

Greg in Hollywood: Sexy chest-hair alert

Boy Culture: Jeanine Pirro tries to gaslight Whoopi Goldberg, is shown the door

Curbed: What it's like to canoe on Brooklyn's most-polluted waterway

Instagram: Lisa Kudrow talking career starts with Bob Newhart = heaven!

Gothamist: This ice-cream breakfast sandwich is now available in NYC

Gay City News: Gordon Francis gets 25-to-life for gay man's murder

The Gay Almanac: Yikes -- political commentator Josh Barro was born in 1984!

The WoW Report: Gay porn stars get engaged on the set after filming epic orgy scene

The Randy Report: College wrestler loses scholarship after shouting "Fuck you, fa**ot"

Hot Cat of the Day: This cutie definitely used a life on this move!


Rix said...

clever boys.

jaragon said...

Nothing says love more than proposing after the orgy

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