Thursday, June 07, 2018

Remains of the Day (06/07)

Sports Illustrated: So thrilled for Sloane Stephens -- who'd have guessed this by the end of 2017? -- but bummed Halep won; can't say I wouldn't be thrilled if del Potro were to somehow beat Nadal, but I will be lucky if Thiem doesn't get upset by Cecchinato

Towleroad: CrossFit corporate employee fired for tweets opposing "sinful" LGBTQ people as Indy gym shuts down (why'd he have to be so hot?)

NJ: What kind of an asshole abandons a pit bull in the middle of a neighborhood and drives off?

ACLU: An Arizona Court of Appeals just ruled that a business DOES NOT have a right to deny service to same-sex couples, something our nation's hijacked Supreme Court no longer understands

GMA: Victim shot by back-flipping FBI agent says he initially thought an "idiot set off a firecracker," when in fact some idiot nearly killed him

Boy Culture: Jeff Amyx of Tennessee posted a NO GAYS ALLOWED sign in 2015 in his hardware store, but took it down. This week, emboldened by the Masterpiece Cakeshop SCOTUS decision, he put it back up

Dlisted: Brendan Fraser claims the HFPA tried to convince him that his groping complain was a misunderstood "joke"

Greg in Hollywood: A relaxed and open Jodie Foster answers the Web's most-searched questions about herself

Best Classic Bands: Revisiting Blondie's "Parallel Lines" on its 40th anniversary 

Daily Intel: The House GOP still can't figure out what it wants on immigration

Curbed: See 20 iconic "Sex and the City" locations in NYC

Brooklyn Vegan: Bob Dylan musical "Girl From the North Country" coming to NYC

Deep Dish: Ron Weaver, whose musical parody of the TV show "Bewitched" -- "Bewildered" -- was produced last fall in Chicago, has died at 52

HuffPost: If I lived in Maryland, you can bet I'd vote for this guy

Metrosource: AT&T partners with the Trevor Project to curb teen suicide

OMG Blog: Stephen Colbert mocks SCOTUS ruling for anti-gay baker with "Straight Cakes" bakery

Hot Cat  Chipmunk of the Day: The hunter gets captured by the game ...

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