Monday, December 04, 2017

Song of the Day: 'The Captain of Her Heart' by Double

Not sure what's more surprising -- that I had nearly forgotten about this 1985 gem or that it's been covered a dozen times since!


B said...

One of my favorite 80s classics ever. I have a Breathe(yes that band) Pandora station that I listen to when I go to sleep and this comes on frequently. Such a great pop track.

Bill Carter said...

I somehow missed this song when it first was released, and only caught the hook after I'd heard it repeatedly playing on the in-store soundtracks at places like CVS and Safeway.

It took me literally years to discover the names of the song and the artist.

Great song.

Warren Clark said...

Oh my gosh, this catapulted me back in the day.... fresh out of highschool and running the streets of NYC

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