Thursday, March 23, 2017

Erstwhile Reality

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This cover goes perfectly with a conversation Damian and I were having last night, when I told him that unlike Watergate, where a few diehard Nixon fans believe to this day he was railroaded but the vast majority of Americans agree that he needed to be removed, I'm 100% sure the same 461.% of the electorate who supported Trump will still insist Russiagate isn't real, no matter what evidence is uncovered. Yes, that's where we are today ... and yes, it's very frightening.

Read HERE.

Rep. Adam Schiff is a former federal prosecutor, by the way. John "All Talk and No Action" McCain is now calling for a select committee or independent commission to take over this investigation, but does anyone in any position of authority even care?

Andy Cohen nails our reality television "president."

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