Friday, May 20, 2016

Tekserve to Pull Plug Over Rent Hike?

Although I'm not a Mac person, it's still disturbing to read that Tekserve -- which has been an institution in Chelsea for nearly 30 years -- is reportedly being pushed out of its 23rd Street location because of yet another exorbitant rent hike. People outside of New York City may remember it as the place where Carrie Bradshaw took her dead computer -- that she hadn't "backed up ... ever" -- after speaking to Aidan as if he were a piece of garbage for trying to help her. Jeremiah's Vanishing New York says the computer shop is looking for a new location, but that it will no longer sell new merchandise as "it's part of Apple's business model to streamline things, cut out the middleman so they'll have complete control." Yet another blow to the neighborhood.


Oh, no! And the Chelsea Car Wash?!

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