Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (04/20)


I'm all for criminal charges in Flint -- god knows the lack of prosecutions in the 2008 financial crisis still bothers millions of us -- but wouldn't getting the water fixed be the No. 1 priority at this point?

This story about UnitedHealthcare pulling out of Arizona's health-insurance exchange drives home why we need a single-payer system in the U.S.: If companies can't make money participating in Obamacare -- or as much money as their shareholders desire -- they walk, leaving many in the lurch. Capitalism doesn't mesh nicely with basic human services -- Bernie is right yet hardly the first to realize this -- but Republicans will never admit it. You say you want a revolution? Vote Democrats back into control of the House and Senate and show up at the midterms. President Clinton wants to build on the Affordable Care Act -- and with the necessary people in place, a public option could on the horizon.


Anonymous said...

why isn't this being fixed? the governor won't release the funds available, the mayor can only move slowly using city funds absent state help, and who knows if or when congress will authorize the requested federal assistance, republicans are blocking out of fear the precedent will be applied to other cities and states needing the same help.

all of these, combined with an ongoing criminal investigation, and the governor removing all authority from elected city officials, while trying to cover his own butt to stay out of jail, has made this tragedy even worse.

does anyone believe there would be a delay if beverly or forest hill's water tested several times greater than lead levels considered to be toxic waste?

Damian said...

Pleased to see the NYT refer to "Sanders's streak." People seem to conflate the plural-possessive, apostrophe-only rule with a "proper noun that happens to end with s" all the time. (Which is why we stick to our guns about Julius's!)

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Damian: It's Julius'!