Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Christian Terrorists Kill Dozens in Brussels

Oh, wait. Did I say Christian? I meant Islamic. Well, they both do stuff like this all the time so it's an honest mistake, right? #VoldemortEffect Read HERE.

Sadly -- and infuriatingly -- today takes me back to Sept. 11, watching all the people from Lower Manhattan march north on 8th Avenue, just lucky to be alive. What the f**k do these fundamentalist lunatics want from us?


Prophet Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess you don't care about the Planned Parenthood shooting which was done by a Christian. Sad to see a gay man aping right-wing talking points. Maybe focus on the hate coming from the Christian community in America, since it actually affects your life.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Prophet Anonymous: Are you sleeping with your head in the sand? One Planned Parenthood shooter does not a Christian terror network make. There have been a half dozen of these in the past week alone, and the carnage is incomparable. Virtually NONE of the mass killings in America have ANYTHING to do with Christianity -- they're just gun nuts -- so what you're saying is a false equivalency at best and completely moronic at worst.

I speak out against guns all the time -- and I'll speak out against radical Islam too. And I'm not too much of a coward to put my name on what I say.

Mike in Asheville said...

"What the f**k do these fundamentalist lunatics want from us?"

The problem begins with having to ask that question. We (me included) the "haves" disregard the humanity of the "have nots." All busy in our lives, we take no time examining the plight of our conduct. Millennium after millennium, imperialism thefts over the occupied. And millennium after millennium, terrorism and war.

From ancient times to today, the conquering vanquish the fallen. Just in the last 100 years, World War I all of Africa torn into war as colony vs colony followed imperialist vs imperialist. British and German troops fighting in the deserts, all along the Nile, both coasts, and the south. Dutch colonist too, Spanish in the north, Italians mixed around.

The winners re-divvy up the lands, not their lands, but the lands of the conquered. WWII repeats so much. To the indigenous, no gains, no self rule, just more war, murder, theft, suppression, rape, dislocation -- just more misery. (Repeats not just in Africa, but Middle East and Asia/Asia Minor in particular.)

Post war, we, US, play the deal maker too, stealing lands and resources for our own oil based industry. We empower despots, ie., Shah of Iran, and turn blind eyes as his police murder by the thousands, oh, so we get our cheap oil. When the Iranians revolt, we arm Saddam Hussein; the Russians enter afghanistan, we arm Osama bin Laden.

Hussein and bin Laden loose favor, we start wars. Millions displaced; hundreds of thousands killed as collateral damage. And no WMDs. As a country, we all turned blind eyes, cause, the price of gas was getting to $5/gallon.

And we are not alone, by any means. The Brits and French, the Russians, Chinese and Japanese, the Dutch and Germans -- all with their own agenda of self enrichment. Who is backing Israel is a question of who is backing the Palestinians? Fuck the Kurds, or help the Kurds? Kill off the leaders, leave a vacuum.

And that is just the last 100 years!


The great Thomas Jefferson, the political philosopher who wrote "all men are created equal" not only owned/purchased slaves, he never freed them as a sign of his belief (he freed some in his will, the rest remained part of his estate). The great Lincoln, who freed the slaves expanded the use of military force against the Indians.


My point is until we, humans, take responsibility for the actions we and our leaders take, until we stop shouting "what the fuck do they want?" and starting asking "what the fuck are we doing" there will be stoking of terrorism and war. I mean, fuck, just look at the utter racism being inflamed in our own cities by the Trumps et al?


Churchill "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." We, US, are the ones who took war to Cuba, to Tripoli, to the Philippines, to Korea, to Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos, to Iraq, twice, and Afghanistan. We supported despots over democracies is Iran, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, El Salvador. And before our ancestors allowed and promoted slavery and kidnapping, not just Africans but Chinese too, we slaughtered and dislocated the indigenous forced them into desolate barred reservations, we imprisoned Japanese-Americans (but not German-Americans).

We repeat and repeat, never learning.


I do not pretend to know answers that solve the world's plagues, but I do know that our attitude about the world is as fucked up as our nation simultaneously facing crisis of obesity and a crisis of hunger.

Can we get a leader? ---end of rant.

Sandy said...

Terrorism is a right-wing talking point? Talk about a recipe for handing the White House back to Republicans!

Sean said...

@Sandy: I don't think anonymous is saying terrorism is a right-wing talking point, I think he's saying admitting who is doing the terrorism is a right-wing talking point. I just don't see how we can even begin to address a problem if we can't have an honest discussion about it.

Sandy said...

I find it interesting that Democrats have no problem connecting the dots to nearly saying all Republicans are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, etc. -- which many are -- or merely being one makes you guilty by association, but aren't willing to do the same when it comes to Muslims.

Prophet Anonymous said...

"Virtually NONE of the mass killings in America have ANYTHING to do with Christianity -- they're just gun nuts -- so what you're saying is a false equivalency at best and completely moronic at worst."

Why are you so concerned about "mass killings" and not everyday murderers which are much more common? THOUSANDS of people die every day in America because of gun violence and almost none of those killers are Muslims. you are only concerned with Muslims because they make up 1% of the American population and you probably don't even know any. I guess you won't confront the fact that 80% of America is Christian and those Christians will do anything to stop you from being equal. Your chance of dying in a terrorist attack is 1 million to one but the chance that a Republican Supreme Court will take out rights away is much greater.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Prophet Anonymous: Huh? First of all, you can walk and chew gum at the same time. I think America should follow Australia and ban all guns, so you're preaching to the choir about gun violence, something you won't stop bringing up yet seem to know very little about. According to the Brady Campaign, 89 people die from gun violence each day -- not THOUSANDS. Are you sure you're not a Republican making up shit as you go along?

I also think the world needs to address Islamic terrorism -- since when is it an either/or proposition?

Why am I "so concerned" about these "mass killings"? Is this some kind of a joke? You don't have to be personally affected by it -- although I was when my friend David Charlebois was murdered -- for this to be a concern. (It sounds like you feel no empathy for the people in Belgium today because it didn't happen to you, which again makes you sound like a Republican.) I think the more revealing question is why you're bending into a pretzel to try to paint a leftist fag as an intolerant bigot -- ooh, that "you probably don't know any Muslims" comeback was such a burn, especially to someone who grew up in Detroit and lives in NYC! -- for trying to start a discussion about a serious issue that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are pitching solutions about as I write this. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not -- randomly bringing up America's gun nuts seems to be your M.O. -- for some reason young Muslims -- NOT young Christians (I'm not a Christian, btw) and NOT young Jews -- are becoming radicalized and going on killing sprees. This should be a concern for everyone regardless of political affiliation.

I'm politically active. I do everything in my power -- asking readers to vote, sign petitions, protest -- to make sure Democrats win elections and have the Supreme Court is tilted in our favor. What are you contributing beside posting anonymous comments with made-up statistics?

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