Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kaley Cuoco Files for Divorce From Tennis Pro Ryan Sweeting

Anyone have any big breakup theories? He's a HOT PIECE OF ASS.
"Prior to announcing their split, the highest paid TV actress hinted at their breakup by deleting nearly all photos of Sweeting from her Instagram account." (Us Weekly


Bob K said...

Going back to at least "Farrah Faucet-Majors", it seems that actresses who are well known, but change their professional names when marrying, are doomed to a future divorce, and a name change back.
Maybe it's a sign of a power trip in the relationship.
Certainly, there is no "look of love" in his eyes in the photo. It's more like he is posing with his Lamborghini.

In any case, Mr Sweeting should come see me, so I can demonstrate my serve and power volley on his Sweeting ass.

Not Matt said...

Hmm, did Kaley lose track of her ATM card at some point?

Blobby said...

She makes a million dollars per week and well.......he doesn't.