Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Hairy Situation

A Mustache Comeback? Not So Fast

The New York Times writes:
If you are waiting for mustaches to make a comeback, well, you may have to keep waiting.

“Most guys can’t afford to walk around with that extra bit of sleaze on their faces,” said Jon Wilde, an articles editor for GQ who has tracked the trend. “A mustache is sleazy, it’s showy, it’s louche — no way around it. It has hints of the ’70s and old porn.”

The problem, it seems, is not just that the mustache became unfashionable. 
“Unfashionable” is a temporary state, one that comes with an inevitable comeback seemingly baked in (think: faded jeans, puffy coats and, yes, beards). The mustache, rather, became uncool. As we have seen with bell-bottoms for men, in-line skates and ethnic humor, “uncool” may be a permanent state.
True as it may sound, I still think a man's ability to unironically wear a mustache has more to do with the man than it does the 'stache. Just look at Kerry Degman up top. There's nothing sleazy, showy or old porn about him -- it's pure sex appeal.

And I've seen it hundreds of times on "regular" men, like this guy on the street captured by Boy Culture ...

or my Facebook friend Ed ...

or his friend Robert.

What do you think?


Damian said...

Although, as the article concludes, “As for why they can pull it off, though, the answer’s simple: They’re all insanely handsome.” This might go some way to explaining your examples. ;)

I do happen to think facial hair, up to and including mustaches, can add some sizzle to otherwise pleasant but nondescript looks. Grooming counts!

Anonymous said...

Kenneth and Damian made my week. A thousand mustached thank you's to you both.


James Greenlee said...

As a 48-year-old who STILL cannot grow a moustache, I hate you all. And love you all. >sigh<

Sam said...

I am 110% in favor of men with mustaches, especially if they look like Ed.

Jim said...

Wait, people still find GQ relevant? Mustaches are sexy. Clear cut pubic areas, not so much.

Edgar_Carpenter said...

Since when have a sub-group of fashionistas been given the right to define what's cool?

"Cool" is something you feel when you see someone or something - trying to be cool rarely works, coolness pretty much just happens.

Dwight Supremacy said...

All handsome, but I think Robert is thisclose to looking sleazy. And that makes me weak in the knees! SWOON!