Thursday, April 04, 2013

Has She or Hasn't She?

I'm always up for a Shocking Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters slideshow. View HERE!

Not you, Debbie. Yours turned out great!


shle896 said...

Is that picture of Madonna even real? It looks very very Photoshopped to me.

In any case, more power to whomever decides they want some "work" done. It's ALL cosmetic. We cut our hair and put braces on our kids' teeth, so what's the difference?

As for Debbie Harry, that's a great picture, but I bet there was a Navajo blanket over the lens!

Larry said...

Is that Priscilla Presley or Marilyn Manson?

Anonymous said...

@shle896: The picture is real -- it made international news at the time -- and so the effect of the Madonna Flavor Aid you've been drinking!

rocker rocker said...

You're nuts if you think Debbie Harry hasn't nipped and tucked. Not to the extent of the others, but most definitely.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@RockerRocker: Debbie Harry has definitely nipped and tucked -- never said she hadn't. The list is of Plastic Surgery DISASTERS, and I think hers is well-done.

FYI: I'm not against plastic surgery, just like pointing out the bad stuff!

iama{GAY}tkeeper said...