Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Song of the Day: 'Cherish' by Madonna

   One of Madonna's best -- and arguably most underappreciated -- songs. (It was robbed of the No. 1 spot.) I thought "True Blue" was the perfect retro-pop confection, but "Cherish" took it up to a whole other level. The video is glorious, too!


Shawn Cullen said...

Remember when MTV had that "Make your own video" contest for Madonna's "True Blue"?

The winner was really good (b&w, retro South Florida setting, heartbreak storyline) but then MTV had a "Madonna Monday" and ran ALL the entries back-to-back all day? Some of them were great and some were hysterical. That was fantastic fun!

Anonymous said...

L-U-V Madonna! Sorry, had to post it. I know how some of you older queens are bitter to her new stuff. That being said, I agree. This is one of my fav's.