Tuesday, August 09, 2011

We Loved Lucy, Lucy Loved Desi

I loved hearing everyone's fond memories of Lucille Ball this weekend, which would have been her 100th birthday. Like just about everyone, I loved her too -- not only do I know every episode of "I Love Lucy," the majority of my childhood was spent watching "Here's Lucy" and reruns of "The Lucy Show" -- and have been known to make a "Stone Pillow" joke from time to time. Wanted to post something special about her, then noticed my friend Fred's Facebook status, which reminded me of something I (we) all knew, but was heart-breakingly sweet to see in print.

Fred wrote:

Several friends posted re: Lucy's 100th birthday. I was reminded of the time I interviewed her at home in Beverly Hills. People had warned me, "Whatever you do, don't mention Desi." Well, pretty much all she talked about was Desi (which she pronounced "Dessi" -- not "Dezi"). She loved chatting and the interview went on and on until her husband, Gary, came home from a golf game and told me it was time to scoot.

We miss ya, Lucy!


Mark from NYC said...

OMG: Stone Pillow! What a melodramatiic mish-mash! I'd gladly take back the few brain cellss devoted to remembering that television epic. But ever ahead of her time, the homeless woman LB played was made so by an astronomical healthcare debt she couldn't pay. Go lefty Lucy!

Don said...

Desi was kind enough to send 12-year-old me a wonderful letter when I wrote to him asking for an autograph way back in 1976, when his memoir came out. Of course, the book made no mention of his drinking and womanizing. He was unkind to Lucy, but he also created the platform that made her immortal, and I do think he was the love of her life.