Friday, February 26, 2010

Bunning on Empty

I just sent an e-mail to Sen. Jim "tough shit" Bunning. (Should cocksucking asshole have been hyphenated?)

You can send yours HERE, and don't forget to mention that you agree that the national debt is out of control too, but you don't recall Congress being concerned about it when they voted for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, approved the largest entitlement program since Medicare without any way to pay for it, and gave President Bush a blank check to rebuild two foreign countries. If you're so fucking patriotic, how about helping some AMERICANS?


libhom said...

He really is a worthless piece of shit.

swine said...

Thank you for posting this, Ken. This asshole has also been solely responsible for blocking extensions on unemployment benefits -- affecting almost 11 million people! What an evil, evil prick!