Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Page 1 Consider (07/21)

  • Designer Jihad: Talk about your buried lede: The world was stunned when the sole surviving gunman of the deadly rampage in Mumbai confessed in court on Monday. But I'm still waiting for the full background story about he pre-terror days working for a ... decorator! (NYT)

  • Unwelcome Mat: Obviously these disgruntled soccer fans didn't see David Beckham's latest Armani underwear ad photos.

  • Hungry for the Story: The prospect of free food clouds the judgment of yet another journalist -- this time, right in my parents' backyard. (New Times)

  • Us vs. Min: Janice Min is leaving Us Weekly. But can she ever regain her dignity? (NYT)

  • Scared of You, Tracy Gold: Eating disorders are for straight and gay men too. (Consults)

  • Hate Crimes: The Senate has agreed to expand the definition of hate crimes to those committed because of a victim’s sexual orientation and gender identity as part of a Pentagon policy measure that is becoming a magnet for tough social issues. (NYT)

  • Tilted Acres: If it makes me guilty of living in a "Whole Foods Bubble" for not knowing about this disgusting "segregated prom" bullshit that still goes on in this country, then lock me up and throw away the key. (Organic gruel only, please.) (NYT)

  • Heroes and Villains: Mike Hale reviews "Torchwood" Children of Earth," a BBC America mini-series with gay heroes and a reptilian monster. (NYT)

  • (Not) Out in Africa: The role of gay sex in the transmission of the virus that causes AIDS in Africa has been long ignored, say the authors of a new study in the medical journal Lancet. (ScienceTimes)

  • Driving While Intoxicating: "Burn Notice" star Jeffrey Donovan may have one of the hottest mug shots ever. (EOnline)

  • Marriage Request Accepted: Two people who started exchanging messages on Facebook because they have the same name (Kelly Hildebrandt) are getting married. I wonder if they had to add some annoying app to their pages to make it legal. (AP)
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    Anonymous said...

    Ugh, I think Mr. BURN NOTICE looks like he's had an eyejob and chased it with some meth. He looks icky to me. But only in this mug shot; otherwise, I did think he was cute.