Monday, July 20, 2009

Andy Cohen's Reality Check

Caught the repeat of the premiere of Andy Cohen's new interactive late-night summer chat fest, "Watch What Happens Live," over the weekend and thought it was loads of fun. Like its Web-based predecessor, the show is for Bravo purists alone (you know who you are) focusing on all things related to the gay-friendly network, including uncensored interviews with your favorite reality stars. Our ever-adorable host welcomed Real Housewife Danielle Staub as his first guest followed by a Skype-ing with "Fashion Show" exile Reco and a "midnight booty call" to Cohen's real-life BFF, Sarah Jessica Parker, who has a new art reality show coming to Bravo soon (see their cute exchange, below). Andy brings the same disarming boy-next-store charm we've come to love on his Bravo reunion specials, only this show's loosely structured format and late hour allow him to reveal more of his personality (he lusts Levi Johnston, has enough of Joe Jackson and is a HUGE "Big Brother" fan), giving it the feeling of a chat with an old friend. (An old friend who can smile so big that you don't realize he's making fun of you to your face, mind you!) The funky downtown set complete with cocktails, bad A/C and questionable phone service punctuate the show's cable-access-on-steroids charm. Cohen says it's only a summer gig (then he has to get back to his "real job" as Bravo's programming director), but it's clearly one he relishes. That he's a natural in front of the camera makes you wonder if Bravo regrets not picking up the "gay View" pilot he shot a while back with Billy Eichner and Dennis Hensley that was ruined by adding Joan Rivers in an ill-fated attempt to "get a name" on-board. "Watch What Happens Live" airs Thursdays at midnight on Bravo.

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Jerry said...

there's something about Andy Cohen's mouth that intrigues/turns me on...I'd love to slap a big wet one/or two on him... :)