Thursday, April 27, 2006

Model Behavior?

While I was on vacation, I received an e-mail and two comments all within a minute of each other (read: all written by one person) in response to one of my Morning Wood posts. In this particular post, I pointed out that this model was extremely hot and appeared to be an aspiring actor as well. I have no way of knowing if these comments are really from my Morning Wood pick, but if they are, it's safe to say that some people just can't take a compliment. Although this young man may have won a few beauty contests in his day, there's some serious ugliness deep inside him ("Hope you die of AIDS"), which is to say nothing of his ugly use of punctuation and capitalization. Oh, and I don't think any spelling bee trophies are in his near future either ...

Hi there this is XXXX XXXXXX, I was looking through the Internet and ran across your Stupid Page about me wanting or trying to be a Actor. Who are you to say Im anything your a Pathetic Nobody who writes to him self to make your self feel imporatant. No one knows who you are and no one cares who you are and never will. I have a FAN base over 20,000 Loyal fans and I have done more things with my one hand than you could do in your whole life. If you do not remove this BULLSHIT I will have my Lawyer Kane Law firm in LA contact you and Sue your Pathetic ASS....Believe it or dont your choice Im tired of Low lifes like yourself with nothing better do to with there time than write BULLSHIT about people you have no idea about. I give you 2 business days to have this SHIT off your site or I will proceed with Legal Actions. Have a Great Day


God u got to be kidding me. U that lonely. Get a life buddy and pick on ur self. U wish u were this hot and this successful. But ur not. Ur a FUCKEN loser, low ass that will always only be that. Do something with ur life, instead of acting like a dumb idiot. If i were u i would be imbaressed to even walk out the door. Stick ur head in a toliet, maybe that will brighten u up a nit. The whole world is laughing at u how low u r to try to feel good about urself.


Anonymous said...

Did you remove the post? This is one sick person, regardless of who he or she really is.

Anonymous said...

do they even have "toliets" in arizona? you might have to wait til you get back to new york to stick your head in one of those. lol.

Anonymous said...

This has to be, without a doubt, the one and only Ryan LeBar (sic).

But what an impressive writer he has turned out to be in addition to aspiring to be an actor and model.

With his attitude, he won't get far

Anonymous said...

I just want to know who this "Sue" woman is and what she does to someone's ass that you should be so scared of.

'Cause improper capitalization is hilarious! Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the guy is lunatic, and stupid when it comes to spelling. He'd better check himself into a mental institution immediately. A composition class for beginners is also highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenneth,

This may sound pathetic, but my morning routine of bagels, coffee, and a perusal through blogs that seem to be chronically not updated was a lot less interesting while you were away. Of course I hope you had a nice week off (and I am sorry to hear about your father and your friend earlier this year), but that said, and on a completely selfish note: it's good to have you back.

Thanks a lot,

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, I live in CA, but I enjoy your blog each morning. I just read the rant from the morning wood section and I just wanted to let you know that I think you are the best!
Each morning I enjoy my coffee and scroll through my select blogs from around the country, and you are always the first I head to. I know I personally internalize negativity and carry it with me but maybe this can cancel a little of that out. Who doesn't enjoy a little eye candy to start the day! Your blog is creative and fun and always entertaining!
I know my comments don't mean anything, I'm just a random stranger, but I really enjoy what you do and hope you keep it up!
Thank you for all the early morning smiles.