Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sporting Wood: Andy Roddick

How I hate January. Christmas is over. It's been cold for months on end. And you just know you're going to get another year older before long.

The only thing good about January is that it's the beginning of the tennis calendar, straight from Down Under. The player I have my eyes on most -- and not just because of photos like these -- is Andy Roddick. I was watching "Tennis Insiders" preview for 2006 on the Tennis Channel last night and all they could talk about was Roger Federer and what a great shot Rafael Nadal has at creating a true rivalry. I'm sure someone as competitive as Roddick can't be taking too kindly to this.

American tennis needs Andy Roddick. He's this generation's Jimmy Connors: boyish, flirtatious, cocky and exciting to watch. Now we just need him to win like Connors.

So, January is almost here again, and this time around instead of just dreading it, I'm welcoming it -- and dreaming of a Very Andy New Year ...


Anonymous said...

I've never really been a fan of tennis, but I watch it just to see him play.
He is so cute and hot in those pics.

Ed said...

Andy doesn't do all that much for me. I think it is a combo of "too Abercrombie" (there is such a thing? or am I turning into an old fogie?) + crybaby + we MUST like him because he is American. But maybe I'll come around, I just started to like Agassi in the last 2-3 years...

And besides there are plenty of other studs to admire on the court, so Andy doesn't have to fill that void! ;-)

That said, the posted pix are still lovely! If I didn't follow tennis, they would probably get me interested!

Anonymous said...

great photos of andy rodDICK! he's got a great personality and is great for tennis. roger federer is uglee and worst of all, boooorrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnggggg!!!!

The Veg said...

Yum. Doubles, anyone?

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