Friday, February 26, 2010

Page 1 Consider (02/26)

  • 60 Fabulous Minutes: The Advocate launched its television news magazine -- The Advocate On-Air -- this week. The monthly program is hosted by Thomas Roberts and will focus on current news, politics, lifestyle and cultural trends. The inaugural episode showed promise (look for my pal Derrick Shore reporting the "Olympics or Bust" segment!) and I'll definitely be back for more. If you don't have HERE TV, you can watch it online HERE.

  • Sister Act? In what sounds like a plot twist from a really bad Lifetime Television for Women movie, the owner of a car involved in a gruesome hit-and-run case here in the city is now claiming it was her institutionalized sister who was actually driving that fateful night. The only remotely good thing about this very sad story is that Brandy may just have her next acting gig in the bag. (NYDN)

  • Cover Up: This quirky site featuring photos of people (and pets!) interjecting themselves into album covers is a lot of fun, even if you have to explain to most of this generation what an "album" is. (Someone even did Altered Images!) (Sleeveface via JoeMyGod)

  • Gee, Thanks: SeaWorld announced yesterday that Tilikum, the 12,000-pound killer whale that attacked and drowned one of its primary handlers in front of a horrified audience Wednesday, will not be killed for ... behaving EXACTLY the way it is supposed to. (USA Today)

  • This Gun's for Hire: Although you'd never guess it, I'm pretty sure there was a time when being a hooker was something people weren't proud of. Jump ahead to, um, now, and get ready for the 2010 Male Escort Awards, popularly referred to as "The Hookies," which will take place March 19 in New York. With award being handed out in categories including Best Body, Best Top, Best Ass and Biggest Cock, is it any surprise I begged for a "press" pass? Note to Johns: Be sure to cast your vote for your favorites HERE. (adult)

  • Closet Cases: Everyone knows Bert and Ernie were lovers, but what about Kate and Allie? Click HERE to see seven TV shows the networks didn't want to admit were about gay people.

  • Soldier Boy: Neil Genzlinger reviews “Yank!,” a musical about a gay romance during World War II now playing at the Theater at St. Peter’s. It sounds like the show is uneven, but I'd be game just to watch two hours of Ivan Hernandez, who plays a hunky closeted soldier named Mitch. (NYT)

  • Funny Women: Wanda Sykes called in to Rosie O'Donnell's Sirius/XM radio show and the two had a revealing conversation about kids, marriage and coming out. Rosie says she felt enormous pressure from gay people to come out, while Wanda's biggest challenge was her family. “If it ever gets out," her mother said, "I hope I’m dead.” (AutoStraddle) (Question: Does anyone know if Rosie and Ellen DeGeneres like each other?)

  • Barking Up the Right Tree: I've never understood the whole point about adopting vs. buying pets -- once they're born, don't they all need a home equally? -- but if Kellan Lutz tells me to do something then I guess I'll listen. (PETA)

  • Not Exactly Fabulis: Does Citibank have a problem with the gays? (If it's any consolation, I certainly have a problem with Citibank.) (Advocate)

  • Just (4) Jack: Somebody call Jack McFarland, stat: the Beek is back! (ArtsBeat)

  • My Life on the D(yke) List: Kathy Griffin to play a lesbian on "SVU." (SheWired)

  • RIP: The search for missing "Growing Pains" star Andrew Koenig -- better known as Boner -- ended Thursday with the grisly discovery of his body in a densely wooded area of a Vancouver park, an apparent suicide. Very sad to hear yet another child star we grew up's life would end so tragically. (NYDN)

    Peter Chan said...

    Ha. If you get a 'plus one' from your press pass, let me know. I'll promise to only behave inappropriately at the ceremony. :P

    As for theatre.. 'Next Fall' (currently in previews) is IMHO the best gay play out there right now.

    dkm said...

    Kellan Lutz: Buy a puppy farm puppy, and they breed another one. Don't buy a puppy farm puppy, and they go out of business. True, the existing puppies need homes. The point of adopting rather than buying is to have fewer puppies needing homes.

    Sylvester Stabone ("Boner"): Best funny/wise line on an 80's sitcom: why he joined the Army, "I decided to pick my future before it picked me." And how did/does uber-Christian, Kirk Cameron, feel about a character called "Boner"?

    brad said...

    About rescuing pets from shelters vs. buying puppies, its about supply and demand. If more and more people start adopting rather than buying, demand goes down for puppies from breeders, prices drop and they make less profit, so eventually there will be less breeders churning out puppies and more puppies and dogs saved from shelters.

    scioto said...

    When you buy a dog it often originates from a breeder who is then encouraged to produce even more dogs.

    When you adopt a dog, the chances are much greater that you are saving the life of that dog without encouraging others to be born.

    FWIW, is this what you really mean on your posting page? "This blog does publish anonymous comments unless they are extremely flattering."

    Hushpuppy212 said...

    Re: YANK. Don't believe the Times; after all, they liked that horrible BILLY ELLIOT. YANK is a wonderful show, well worth seeing. The reviewer thought it was overly ambitious, but that's what made it so wonderful; it had very pleasant songs, a compelling book, and some terrific choreography, including the first gay dream ballet I've ever seen. Catch it before it leaves town!

    libhom said...

    Citibank gipped me out of interest a few years ago, and I refuse to do any kind of business with them again.